*** I am on a bit of a hiatus from writing articles and heavy social media activity.

I am accepting new clients, on a limited basis. Inquires for openings can be emailed to jwhealthadvocate@gmail.com

I am working on two books that I hope to release in 2020. For the sake of balance, this hiatus is required, as I adjust to life’s ever changing roles and new responsibilities in caring for an aging parent.  As this season of life shifts into a smoother gear, I will be back to posting articles.

(My limited openings also include  physicians and healthcare providers who would like to expand their offerings to patients via specialized testing and nutraceuticals. I offer a unique perspective, having been both the patient and staff.  ) ***


I’m Jenna Wright, a Functional  Coach to both physicians and their patients. My purpose is to help people live a better quality of life, reaching their optimal state of health by supporting healing of the body, mind and spirit and to do this in the most simplistic and successful manner. Because, becoming healthy should not be an all consuming task of great difficulty. It should be, instead, basic in a approach, making your daily state of being, basically well.

My holistic approach is individualistic, encompassing a Mind, Body and Spirit journey that includes using food, nutraceuticals, self discovery and basic energy medicine principles and some supplementation to help restore balance, synergistically optimizing personal wellness. I educate physicians and practioners on Integrative testing and treatments as well as the nuances of working with chronically ill patients.

The first part of my professional life within the medical arena was on the administrative side of mental health and Alzheimer’s care. I have been health coaching for the past 14 years both privately and in doctor’s offices. I’ve helped physicians integrate natural medicine and testing into their conventional practices. I have been blessed to have worked for and been treated by some very talented Naturopathic MD’s. I also have over 33 years of personal experience with Lyme Disease. As I began to heal, I expanded my coaching services into the Chronic Illness community. While I coach individuals, families, groups and physicians, I am especially passionate about helping to reduce suffering among some of our sickest population.

You can find me on Instagram via the handle @ jennawrightbwell and the hashtags #thefunctionalcoach with a #keepitreal approach to #wholebeingwellness and #communityhealth and on Facebook:  Basically Well-Lyme and Chronic Illness Support.