These are products that I have researched, personally used and suggest to clients depending on their individual needs.

Unless otherwise specified, I do not recieve compensation for recommended products, nor am I paid to promote them.

Probiotics: Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care: 50, 80 and 100 billion count formulas.

“Adios” tick and insect repellant found at as well as

Moringa whole plant formula: This is a product I used in my recovery. I had researched many “healing” “superfoods” and plants. Mangosteen was one I had great success with until my serotonin levels became too high, as I was using it in therapeutic doses. It is a cousin plant to St John’s Wort, which is commonly used in complimentary and alternative medicine for depression due to low serotonin levels. I did not have low serotonin, so, over time, I began to exhibit symptoms of “serotonin toxicity” which was the farthest thing from fun.  Then, I began to research the “drumstick tree” also know as Moringa. One can find numerous valuable studies via an Internet search with the words moringa, blood brain barrier, nutritional content of, seizures, parasite, bacteria, fungal, virus, hormones, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, amino acids, omegas, liver, detoxify…and that will pull up tons of information. There is also a book titled “The Moringa Book” which is packed with easy to understand information. Many YouTube videos on the tree can also easily be found. The above link is to an mlm company. I am not an active distributor or business builder. I do, however, keep this link above for direct and easy ordering as it cannot be found in vitamin stores. However, I do receive $24 when a case is purchased. It can be bought through any distributor; it doesn’t have to be ordered from this link only. I chose to use this company’s “SuperMix” formula after much research on the benefits of the whole of the tree (leaves, seeds, roots etc) and I encourage others to  research these, individually, and speak to their healthcare practitioner before beginning. For ease of use and because I later found, while listening the Autism Speaks radio show out of Jacksonville, Florida, that the lead expert on this tree, the author of the book I had read, had begun using this formula himself as opposed to creating a whole tree blend in his kitchen every day. You can buy the individual parts of the tree at various whole food and herbal internet stores, however, the company that makes the formula I used and still use, has a proprietary patent on it. I am unable to break down the milligrams of each component for you. If you are staunchly opposed to purchasing from a multi level marketing company, you will want to find the ingredients and create your own formula. Personally, if I see sound science and it works, I care where I find and buy the product, so long as it’s legal.  I advise you obtain direction from a health care provider before starting this formula or creating your own. Zija’s formula also co rains mango powder for flavor and iodine from kelp. Again, the “SuperMix” is the specific formula I used. I did not use it as directed. Every “body” is different. I’ve known some people who, at their very sickest, couldn’t tolerate more than a teaspoon. I itially, I tried it as directed and I literally felt extreme shifting within the first half hour. 1) it was as if my brain were a toilet bowl being flushed. I did no get dizzy, rather I felt light in my head. Not “light headed”, but, more of a “clear headedness”.  The abdominal tension I lived with in a super contracted state actually ceased within 15 minutes. BUT….on the fourth hour, I was in the fetal position, in bed, in full herxheimer mode with the worst headache ever. I dosed myself at one teaspoon the next day and felt nothing. Eventually, I found 1/2 a pa I to be my sweet spot. One half of a packet is how I used it, 6 days per week, in the a.m. and on an empty stomach, added only to water. In this manner, an entire case lasted me approximately 64 days. Note: you will be encouraged to place your order as a recurring purchase under the company’s autoship program. If you do not want to choose this option, click on “Personal Order” to pay for only that single order. If you have any difficulties, call 888-924-6872. The company’s Customer Service staff will help process your order.

Music and frequencies for mind, body and spirit:

Bach’s “Air” is one of my go to pieces for feeling peace and for releasing emotion while vibrating at the frequency level of love. You can search YouTube for many free recordings of binaural beats. Classical music and binaural beats help with neural retraining of our brains. But, my absolute favorite combination of music and hz is WholeTones and can be found at:

Their prices vary depending on purchased packages.

Testing: I am delighted when I find myself coaching a client whose physician uses Genova Diagnostics or Doctor’s Data laboratories. These are, however, only available via prescription and, typically, are used only by Integrative or Functional Medicine licensed MD’s, ARNP’s and PA’s. These are also the lab accounts that I help physicians open, when I’m coaching them on Integrative tools. But, many people don’t have physicians, who use such tools, in their area or affordability is an issue. For an alternative, I recommend EverlyWell at home testing. They do not offer the Comprehensive Stool Analysis that I regularly reference, but, their kits and prices are, otherwise, fantastic. I especially like that testing for STD’s is 100% private. Their hormone kits and food sensitivities kits are two of my frequent recommendations. EverlyWell At Home Test Kits

Various other supplements that I use, personally, and often recommend:

Wobenzyme N proteolytic enzymes

Adrenal Health by Gaia Herbs

Takuna by Nutramedix

Osha root extract


Ionized Colloidal Silver

NAC, ALA, Selenium and OptiZinc

Gentle Fibers by Jarrow

d-ribose, coq10, l-carnitine


Resveratrol and Pycnogenol

lavander tincture

“Sleep Tonight” product line, found in most vitamin shops.


And more…

know that each body is so very different from the next. A health care provider tailored and guided approach is, in my opinion, the safest approach to healing.

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